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Land Development Engineering Services

Landscape Design Companies in Palm Beach County

Every piece of land needs to be developed well before a building can be constructed on top of it. This isn’t as simple as leveling the ground and making sure it is safe. Experienced landscape design companies in Palm Beach County will help you with every aspect of development to ensure the project goes smoothly.

At WGI, we have an expert team of senior landscape development engineers, interns, CAD professionals, and other professionals. You can know more about this service by calling us on 866 909 2220 or contacting us through this form.

Services Provided by Landscape Architecture Companies in Palm Beach County?

Different kinds of professionals with varied expertise come together to work on construction projects. Every team member is an important clog in this machinery, and this includes a landscape development engineer. This engineer has the ability to take a project from groundbreaking to completion in a well-organized manner.

We assist property developers, land owners, government organizations, financial institutions, and other such clients with their projects. Our team will help with a number of different responsibilities like:

Infrastructure Design

Contract Administration

Construction Observation

Stormwater Management

Land And Earthworks Analysis

Feasibility Studies


Property Development Potential

Our responsibility is to develop land into a real project-ready entity. This involves everything between assessing physical land condition to fulfilling government requirements. We also have a team to analyze the environmental impact of the project, which can help developers and owners avoid problems down the line.

What We Provide

As one of the best landscape design companies in Palm Beach County, we know what is needed to help projects move along. Our team will consider the scope of the land, determine what needs to be done to make it ready for construction, and provide a detailed report to clients. Here’s a look at what you can expect from us:

Our team will provide a thorough due diligence report after intensive research. This ensures your project starts off on the right foot.

We will support entitlement efforts and help determine how much land you own, where the borders are, and check if there are any liens or legal obligations you should be aware of.

Our team will expedite the permit process and get all the paperwork through. Our goal is to ensure legal obligations are fulfilled and clients have the necessary permissions to start working on projects quickly.

Creating innovative and thoughtful designs for the project also falls under this category of service. Our expert designers will take all your preferences, land consideration, and other influencing factors into consideration before creating a detailed design.

These are just some of the many things experienced landscape architecture companies in Palm Beach County do for their clients. Engineers work with development teams and project managers to ensure everything stays on track. We make sure the project is completed on time and remains within the budget allotted to it.

If you want the construction to start off on the right foot and remain in track, contact us today. As one of the best landscape design companies in Palm Beach County, we can help.